Sign up for the course

  1. to become a participant:
  2. enroll by sending an email to the Organizer,
  3. opłacenie pełnej ceny Kursu (34.000,00 – thirty four thousand), as follows: 1st installment of PLN 17,000.00 (seventeen thousand) at the time of sending the enrollment email, 2nd installment of PLN 17,000.00 (seventeen thousand) wpłacona co najmniej trzydzieści dni przed rozpoczęciem Kursu, na rachunek bankowy wskazany przez Organizatora 05 1140 2004 0000 3102 8239 7585 (mBank), oraz
  4. the Organizer will provide a confirmation of participation to the address from which the enrollment email was sent; this constitutes entry into a course participation agreement between a qualifying individual („Participant”) and the Organizer