Przypadek kliniczny korony wydłuzenie

Przypadek kliniczny nr 3 – Chirurgiczne wydłużenie koron klinicznych z powodu zaburzonego biernego wyrzynania zębów

Altered passive eruption is tied to esthetic issues due to incorrect teeth proportions. The crown lengthening procedure can be carried out only after the final position of incisal margins is determined. In the presented case, orthodontic treatment aimed at tooth alignment constituted the first stage. The surgical procedure was carried out using a set of tools designed by Chu (Chu’s Aesthetic Gauges, Hu Friedy). The desired crown length was visualized using a proportion gauge, and gingivectomy was then carried out. After a mucoperiosteal flap was prepared, the extent of necessary osteoplasty and osteotomy was assessed using a crown lengthening gauge. Distance from the edge of the bone to the cementoenamel junction should equal approximately 2 mm. In the final stage, the surgical flap was positioned and stabilized with single interrupted sutures. The final photograph shows the clinical situation immediately after the procedure.