In the constant pursuit of up-to-date knowledge and skill improvement, crucial for every dentist, courses led by experienced specialists serve as a valuable resource. Our trainings are designed for general dental practicioners, those training to specialise in periodontology and oral surgery, as well as periodontists and implantologists.

Our courses are theoretical as well as practical, and involve presentations, detailed instructions and actual procedures. See our schedule and sign up! 


We always begin with an introduction into the foundations and goals of modern periodontics. The course covers the anatomy and physiology of the periodontium, description of pathogens and diagnostic methods. You will also learn how to correctly keeping patient documentation, and establish treatment algorithms.

We will show you when to introduce surgical procedures, and provide detailed characteristics of microsurgical instruments; you will become familiar with the optimal types of incisions, threads and needles for each application, as well as suture techniques.

Courses in periodontics and dental surgery are a perfect opportunity to obtain answers to questions and dispel doubts. As a result, you will become a more effective doctor, who treats root causes of disease, instead of just symptoms. It is crucial to screen patients predisposed to periodontal conditions, and detect changes at an early stage. We provide a solid knowledge base that can be instantly employed in real life situations, with a wide variety of practical hand-ons using the best microsurgical instruments and materials.