Implant treatment in the esthetic zone and advanced reconstructive procedures


Positioning of implants in the esthetic zone is a significant practical challenge. Doctors must consider a wide range of various concepts and surgical techniques. Deciding between immediate implantation with optimal preservation of peri-implant tissues, and delayed implantation with a reconstruction of missing soft and hard tissues, requires a significant procedural awareness and imagination. In Module 7, apart from presenting the principles of immediate implant placement in the esthetic zone, we will also specify indications for the delayed implant placement and multi-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of soft tissues in the edentulous area using soft tissue autografts. In addition, we will discuss the requirements for predictable bone regeneration and realistic expectations regarding available surgical procedures in specific indications. Finally, we will cover principles of working with short implants, which may serve as an alternative to wide-ranging reconstructive procedures for some patients. Included practical training will help practice required steps associated with implanting procedures in conjunction with soft tissue reconstruction in various clinical scenarios and in accordance with current recommendations. We will present the requirements for predictable bone regeneration and the realistic expectations of available surgical procedures for specific clinical indications. With the growing awareness that qualitative aesthetic results are the key to clinical success, we will also discuss the principles of defect treatment soft tissues with implants. The practical training will help to practice the necessary steps involved in the implant procedure with simultaneous hard and soft tissue reconstruction according to current recommendations.


  • Immediate implantation in the esthetic zone: indications, procedural algorithm 
  • Soft tissue augmentation in the edentulous area: the connective tissue platform technique
  • Soft tissue dehiscence around implants: etiology, diagnosis, treatment protocol and factors limiting outcomesCTP)
  • Peri-implantitis: etiology, diagnostics, treatment protocol and and factors limiting post-operative outcomes
  • Guided bone regeneration, biological principles, techniki i materiały 
  • Applications of short implants

Hands-on Training:

  • Planning of implant treatment using tissue-level implants
  • Positioning of tissue-level implants with soft tissue augmentation using subepithelial connective tissue grafts (SCTG)
  • 3D soft tissue reconstruction in the edentulous area with connective tissue platform technique (CTP)
  • Positioning of tissue-level implants using surgical templates and guided surgery kits