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Do you need to improve your professional skills? Are there clinical procedures that you are not yet able to perform as well as you’d like? This project will provide you with real knowledge, easily applicable in your dental practice.

Our training course covers numerous aspects of state-of-the-art periodontology and dental implantology, and synergistically combines various points of view, unique knowledge and experience, to ensure the optimal use of your time. Our approach is designed to align with nature and biological processes.

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Our career paths are guided by principles of constant improvement through education, and the application of tested and predictable solutions in periodontological treatment. Clinical work has provided us with perfect opportunities to observe, draw conclusions and create individualized treatment methods. Our approach is based on robust, modern and clinically-tested knowledge, with treatment plans tailor-made in line with the needs of each patient.

The aim of the Soft Tissue Project is also to organize the growing number of periodontological and implantological questions. Our courses are a platform for sharing knowledge and experience, designed to improve your manual surgical skills, and enhance the satisfaction of your patients. 

All dentists, regardless of experience, will find inspiration and cutting-edge knowledge in the Soft Tissue Project. Our courses are also a platform for the exchange of ideas, and building of beneficial future connections and relationships.

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With the growing number of innovative products and biomaterials available on the market, selection for optimal and predictable treatment outcomes becomes one of the main issues in clinical practice. Making the optimal choices for each individual patient is a daily challenge.

During the Soft Tissue Project, we want to share our knowledge and clinical experience with other practicioners. Our approach is based on practical modules, allowing participants to swiftly apply biological methods learned during the training in their everyday practice, in line with the EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) approach.

Knowledge of precise treatment protocols guarantees predictable clinical outcomes. Well-planned procedures are fundamental to successful treatment, and benefit both the patient and the doctor.. In our training cycle,we propose effective and balanced ways to improve your manual skills, in combination with understanding of the biological rules underlying the treatments presented. Our approach facilitates systematic learning of various surgical techniques with the following learning tools: interactive knowledge transfers in small groups, film footage of surgical procedures, practical trainings using models, and exchange of experience with other practitioners.
Our approach facilitates systematic learning of surgical techniques through the following educational tools: interactive knowledge transfer in small groups, video testimonials of procedures, hands-on training on training models, and sharing experiences with other doctors.


Our training sessions for dentists consist of eight modules on periodontology and oral implantology, with content organized hierarchically.

The modules are suitable for doctors wanting to improve their understanding of all aspects of procedures involving soft tissues around teeth and implants, regardless of clinical experience or level of specialisation.

Our courses present modern dental trends and products, and help in the application of new information in everyday practice with patients.

2 days
Non-surgical periodontal treatment

Effective treatment of periodontitis requires a skillful application of all treatment stages: from correct diagnostics, through non-surgical and surgical treatment, ending with the maintenance phase. Planning a non-surgical periodontal therapy should account for the characteristics, regenerative potential and esthetic aspects of intrabony defects around each individual tooth.

3 days
Periodontal regenerative procedures

Periodontal regenerative procedures allow for a full reconstruction of soft and hard tissues lost to periodontitis, thus improving the likelihood of retaining teeth. Correct planning of the treatment shortens its duration, and leads to more predictable outcomes.

2 days
Periodontal resective procedures

In the age of minimally-invasive dentistry there is a place for periodontal resection procedures. These pertain to defects of hard tissues outside the esthetic zone, or in the furcation areas of multi-rooted teeth, where regeneration of lost tissues is not possible.

3 days
Periodontal plastic surgery in the treatment of single gingival recessions

Treatment of soft tissue defects in the esthetic zone constitutes a significant challenge.
In order to obtain pleasant results, in addition to full recession coverage, the restored tissue must be of an optimal color, and with a perfect surface.

2 days
Periodontal plastic surgery in the treatment of multiple gingival recessions

Deciding on treatment strategies for multiple gingival recessions is often challenging, as full recession coverage, and high-quality esthetics (color and gingival surface) are both crucial in providing optimal outcomes.

3 days
Implant therapy

Modern concepts of dental treatment are impossible to imagine without the use of implants. Regrettably, a significant percentage of patients is at risk of biological complications in the form of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis.

2 days
Complex implant treatment

Positioning of implants in the esthetic zone is a significant practical challenge. Doctors must consider a wide range of various concepts and surgical techniques.

2 days
Multidisciplinary treatment

Planning a comprehensive patient treatment, which may include implant, prosthetic and orthodontic approaches, is undoubtedly one of the
greatest challenges in modern dentistry,

During the course, you will have the opportunity to carry out the following procedures by yourself (using animal jaws):
  • preparation of a subepithelial connective tissue graft (SCTG) – six times
  • preparation of a free gingival graft (FGG) – three times
  • single flap approach (SFA) in the regeneration of contained periodontal intrabony defect
  • connective tissue wall (CTW) technique in the regeneration of advanced periodontal intrabony defect in the esthetic zone
  • guided tissue regeneration (GTR) with a collagen membrane in the regeneration of advanced periodontal intrabony defect
  • surgical crown lengthening due to esthetic reasons
  • reconstruction of keratinized tissues around teeth + FGG
  • treatment of a single recession using coronally advanced flap (CAF) technique + SCTG
  • treatment of multiple recessions using coronally advanced flap (CAF) technique + collagen matrix
  • treatment of multiple recessions using tunnel technique + SCTG
  • positioning of a bone level implant with phenotype augmentation + SCTG 
  • positioning of a bone level implant with keratinized tissue augmentation + FGG
  • positioning of four different implants with a surgical guides 
  • positioning of a tissue-level implant with phenotype augmentation +SCTG 
  • three-dimensional soft tissue reconstruction in the edentulous area
    appendectomy using the connective tissue platform technique (CTP) + SCTG
  • sterowaną regenerację kości (GBR) z błoną kolagenową
  • corticotomy


Module I ( 2 days )12-13.09.2022 ( no places available )6-7.03.202312-13.02.2024Luty
Module II (3 days)16-18.10.2022 ( no places available )16-18.04.202310-12.03.2024Marzec
Module III (2 days)14-15.11.2022 ( no places available )15-16.05.202315-16.04.2024Kwiecień
Module IV (3 days)11-13.12.2022 ( no places available )18-20.06.202312-14.05.2024Maj
Module V (2 days)16-17.01.2023 ( no places available )11-12.09.202310-11.06.2024Czerwiec
Module VI (3 days)5-7.02.2023 ( no places available )15-17.10.202315-17.09.2024Wrzesień
Module VII (3 days)12-14.03.2023 ( no places available )19-21.11.202313-15.10.2024Październik
Module VIII (2 days)3-4.04.2023 ( no places available )11-12.12.202318-19.11.2024Listopad

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Through an approach focused
on practice and built on simple biological principles, we provide all Participants with a theoretical basis which allows for a thorough understanding of the discussed topics.



Our main goal is to ensure that all Participants are able to immediately use the knowledge gained during the course to make conscious therapeutic decisions, based on clearly-defined criteria.



We aim to systematically present surgical techniques on the basis of interactive teaching materials and training models, so that all Participants can comfortably perform specific procedures in everyday work.


Our team consists of the top specialists in their field, eager to share their extensive knowledge and expertise.

DDS, PhD, Professor (Associate) at Medical University of Warsaw, MSc

Graduated in Medicine and Dentistry at the Medical University of Warsaw and in Health Care Facility Management at the Warsaw School of Economics. He received his doctorate in dentistry in 2015 and his specialist degree in periodontology in 2016.

Since 2016, he has been working at the Department of Mucosal and Periodontal Diseases of the Medical University of Warsaw as an assistant professor. In 2020, he obtained the title of specialist in the field of dental surgery, and in 2021, the title of habilitated doctor in the field of medical sciences and health sciences, in the discipline of medical sciences. In 2022, he obtained a Master of Science (MSc) from the University of Bologna.

Head of specialty training in periodontology, supervisor of doctoral dissertations, lecturer and speaker. Author and co-author of over 90 publications in national and international journals. Member of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP), the Polish Society of Periodontology (PTP), the European Association of Dental Implantology (EDI) and the National Association of Dental Implantology (OSIS). Total IF score 62 and MEiN score 2608.

Clinical and research interests in the field of periodontology, dental surgery and implantology relate primarily to wound healing, microbiological diagnostics and biochemical periodontitis, hard and soft tissue regeneration, minimally invasive surgical techniques and the evaluation of new biomaterials. During his professional career, he had the opportunity to learn from the best : Prof. Pierpaolo Cortellini, Prof. Serge Dibart, Dr Eli Friedwald, Prof. Marcus Hurzeller, Prof. Joseph Kan, Prof. Thomas Linkevicius, Prof. Mariano Sanz, Prof. Anton Sculean, Dr Luca De Stavola, Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos, Dr Martina Stefanini, Prof. Leonardo Trombelli, Prof. Istvan Urban, Prof. Alfredo Valencia, Prof. Giovanni Zucchelli, Dr. Otto Zuhr. Founder of an educational group for dentists on Facebook Dental Network - Soft Tissues First. Dental Network – Soft Tissues First.
I invite you to my educational group:

Agnieszka Peret


Graduated from the Dental Medicine program at the Medical University of Warsaw (WUM) in 2006, and became a Specialist in periodontology in 2013. Worked as an Assistant Doctor in the Oral Mucosal and Periodontal Disease Department of Mazowieckie Centrum Stomatologii, and as a Specialization Supervisor in the field of periodontology.

Agnieszka is engaged in clinical work, teaching and learning. As a Specialist Periodontist, she is part of numerous specialist teams working in various Warsaw clinics. As a Medical Director and Co-ordinator, Agnieszka is responsible for carrying out interdisciplinary dental plans. Finally, she has been an educator for a number of years, providing periodontological knowledge to doctors and dental hygienists by co-authoring workshops, lectures and seminars, in co-operation with, among others, Polska Akademia Profilaktyki Stomatologicznej (Polish Academy for Dental Prophylaxis).

Założycielka bloga edukacyjnego dla lekarzy dentystów i higienistek ” Periofans of pink esthetics”. Szczególnym obszarem zainteresowań są dla niej zagadnienia i problemy zespołowe: ortodontyczno-periodontologiczne i protetyczno-periodontologiczne, a więc plany leczenia angażujące kilka dziedzin stomatologii. Drugim tematem jest “estetyka czerwona” i zabiegi wpływające na poprawę wyglądu uśmiechu w zakresie tkanek miękkich otaczających zęby i implanty. Zapraszam do mojej grupy edukacyjnej : Periofans of Pink Esthetics 


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